Solatube Tubular Skylights

Highly effective and simple to install, the Solatube DS Daylighting System transform dark rooms into extraordinary spaces filled with pure, natural daylight.

The most common feedback we receive after a Solatube Daylighting System has been installed is that months later the home owners still think that someone has left the lights on all day. We are totally confident that no other product offers the total annual performance of a Solatube product.

Commercial Applications

When businesses are required to provide a certain level of lighting for employees or customers, electrical light should be considered a contingency plan or night time solution when natural light is available. Retail stores are a prime example of where a business as well as the consumer can benefit and save from a natural lighting solution. Solatube skylights provide a wide array of Industry Lighting Solutions.

Aside from their functionality, our daylighting systems also promote creative architectural expression. They can be utilised to achieve specific lighting effects such as wall washes and soffit lighting. They even can provide illumination for special applications such as living walls and aquariums.

At the heart and soul of every Solatube product you’ll discover an array of innovative technologies that defy conventional thinking. Technology in the dome nearly doubles the Effective Daylight Capture Surface (EDCS) compared to ordinary clear domes used by other tubular skylights.

*EDCS (Effective Daylight Capture Surface) represents the surface area of the dome that collects and redirects sunlight.  For comparison, a standard clear dome with no lens on a 250 mm tube system has a EDCS of 1.990 square meters.